LANAP® Laser Treatment North Charleston, SC

The LANAP® Procedure

LANAP laser treatment North Charleston, SC

LANAP® (Laser Assisted New Attachment Procedure)

Basic Steps of the LANAP® Protocol
LANAP laser treatment North Charleston, SC

Measurement of pockets

The first step of this laser treatment is to measure the depth of your periodontal pockets using a probe. This will tell us how deep the pockets are and how much loss of attachment has occurred.

Laser removes bacteria

Pulsed laser light is used to remove the diseased tissue from the pocket and kill bacteria that causes gum disease. Because the laser light is not absorbed in water, healthy tissue, root, or bone, this surgery is much less invasive and more comfortable for the patient.

Removal of calculus

Calculus is then removed from the root surface of the teeth. Tiny ultrasonic scalers remove the deposits of calculus that form underneath the gum line. The laser will not remove this by its self but it will denature the calculus resulting in better removal with the ultrasonic.

Clot is formed

The laser is used a second time at the bottom of the pocket in order to stimulate the soft tissue, root, and bone. This also causes the blood to become sticky, forming a seal around the teeth. This creates a clean, closed, and stable environment for healing to begin.

Tissue compression

The tissue is recompressed against the root surface of the teeth and no sutures are required.

Adjustment of bite

The doctor will adjust your bite to make sure that there is not a considerable amount of trauma on any of your teeth. Especially the ones that have bone loss.

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