Dental Implants vs Dentures North Charleston, SC

Dental Implants vs Dentures

Dental Implants vs Dentures Frank Sparacino DDS North Charleston, SC

Many patients who have dentures have switched to dental implants with positive results

Dental implants are versatile treatment tools as they can replace either one or multiple missing teeth. A patient can have multiple implants to support the replacement teeth that are needed. Many patients who initially opted for removable dentures have switched to dental implants with positive results. Patients claim an improvement in quality of life! Implants feel and respond like natural teeth, allowing for more natural eating and eliminating embarrassing moments when dentures may have slipped or clicked. Additionally dental implants help to preserve your aesthetic appearance as they actively work to prevent bone loss

Dental Implants vs Dentures at a glance

Dental Implants

Titanium is naturally compatible with the body, which allows the implant to fuse with the jaw bone.
An implant base mimics the root of a tooth within the jaw bone and gum. This allows implants to fit more naturally and securely, functioning similarly to natural teeth.
Implants can replace one, few, or many missing teeth. Treatments are more tailored to patient’s needs.
With proper care, implants generally never need to be replaced. Like your natural teeth, good oral hygiene ensures longevity and success of treatment.
Implants stimulate the jaw bone like natural teeth, preserving the jaw bone and preventing deterioration.
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Dentures are made of acrylic, cast metal, and flexible plastic. These are not compatible with the body and can cause irritation to gums.
Dentures are not placed in a fixed location in the mouth and may move around and make clicking noises while eating or speaking. Natural chewing ability is impaired, which can impact nutrition.
Dentures are only a viable treatment option when many or all teeth are missing.
Dentures may need to be refitted or replaced as a result of age and deterioration of the gums and jaw bone.
Because dentures only rest on the gums, the jaw bone does not receive necessary stimulation and will deteriorate with time.

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